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How do I create accounts for my students?

Have your students navigate to studio.samlabs.com and click the 'Sign up' link at the bottom of the log-in page. 

If your student emails are set up through Google or Microsoft, students can use Google or Microsoft SSO for quick and easy access. Alternatively, they can create an account with an email and password. If students use the email/password method, they will need to click the verification link sent to their email before continuing. 

Next, students will enter their display name. This is how student’s names will appear on the roster, so you might want to ask them to enter their full names. This can always be changed later in Settings if needed.  

On the next page, they should click “Student”.

The last step is where students will enter your teacher code* to be added to your roster and your school’s SAM Studio subscription. Students who enter this code will appear in the “Pending Students” section of the Students page. Once you accept their join request they will have access to SAM Studio. 

*To locate your teacher code and share it with the class, log in to SAM Studio and go to the Students page. Click 'Add' in the top right corner, then click 'Share Code'.