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How do I create classes and roster students?

Schools/Districts who utilize Clever will have their students automatically rostered into the appropriate classes via Clever (Reach out to your regional Education Consultant to ensure this is set up for your school. You can also check out our Clever Guide and Clever Academy to learn more!). For schools who do not utilize Clever, you will need to manually create classes and roster your students using the instructions below.

Creating Classes on SAM Studio: When you open SAM Studio you will see either "Schools" or "Classes" on the left navigation menu. If you see "Schools", you will need to click on your school to get into the "Classes" page. Once in the "Classes page", you can create a new class by clicking "Create New" in the upper right-hand corner and choosing a title for your class. 

Rostering Students on SAM Studio: Once your class is created, click into the class and select "Download Roster Template". Open the downloaded template and enter in your student information (email, first name, last name). The password column is optional and can be used to assign passwords to your students. If your students are using the Google/Microsoft SSO to log in, you can skip the password column, as they will log in with their email password. 

For more information about creating classes and rostering students, check out this tutorial: 

Feel free to reach out to your regional Education Consultant or support@samlabs.com with any questions!