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Which app/platform do I use with my kit and how do I access it?


The STEAM course uses our app called SAM Space, a flow-based coding app which focuses on visual representations of algorithms. To download SAM Space, click on your corresponding device below:





Android APK


***To install SAM Space on managed Chromebooks please give the following document to the owner of your Google management console: Installing SAM Space on Chromebooks** 

Learn to Code Kits:

The Learn to Code course uses a web-based platform called Workbench. Workbench uses block-based coding, a drag-and-drop coding language represented by blocks. It does not need to be downloaded but it needs to be accessed via Chrome. You can access Workbench here. 

Maker Kits:

Maker Kits can use both SAM Space and Workbench, please follow instructions above to access SAM Space and Workbench. 


For more information and additional help, please visit our Getting Started page