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Which app/platform do I use with my kit and how do I access it?


The STEAM course uses our app called SAM Space, a flow-based coding app which focuses on visual representations of algorithms. It does not need to be downloaded but it needs to be accessed via Chrome. You can access the web-based platform here

The SAM Space web-based platform is currently unavailable for iPads but will be available shortly. To download SAM Space on your iPad follow these directions: iOS

Learn to Code Kits:

The Learn to Code course uses a web-based platform called SAM Blockly. SAM Blockly uses block-based coding, a drag-and-drop coding language represented by blocks. It does not need to be downloaded but it needs to be accessed via Chrome. You can access the web-based SAM Blockly here

Maker Kits:

Maker Kits can use both SAM Space and Workbench, please follow instructions above to access SAM Space and SAM Blockly. 

Note: To gain full access to SAM Space and/or SAM Blockly on SAM Studio, you will need tokens. To get permanent tokens, you must be an existing customer or purchase a subscription plan. To register for tokens as an existing customer or to obtain temporary or trial tokens as an interested user, follow the instructions here: Register for Tokens