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What does a Learn to Code lesson look like?


Each Learn to Code lesson includes the following:

  • Teacher lesson plan - outlines the knowledge and skills required to teach the lesson and cover the Computer Science concepts, with an in-depth explanation of the programming. Each Lesson follows a ‘Learn, Do, Reflect’ structure.
  • Lesson slide - Present a visual, interactive guide to all parts of the lesson for students. The Slides are available as Google Slides.
  • Student mission journal - A resource for students to evidence, consolidate, and extend their learning from each lesson, as well as develop digital literacy.
  • Student step-by-step guide - A visual tool guide to the system build, which provides support for differentiation and independent learning.

To view sample Learn to Code lessons click here.


For additional information, please watch the video below:



 For additional information, please watch the video below: