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What professional development sessions do you offer?

Our professional development is sequenced within and across four main topics. Sessions are offered a la carte or combined for half or full-day sessions. For some sessions, attendees will be expected to complete a short pre-session survey. This enables facilitators to tailor topics and activities to attendees’ roles and remits. 


Our four main sessions include:

“Getting Started with SAM Labs”

What do I need to know and be able to do to start teaching with SAM Labs?

“Purpose & Pedagogy”

What big ideas and pedagogical concepts enable learning?

“Hands-on, Minds-on Teaching with SAM Labs”

How do I cultivate learning and mastery within and across lessons?

“Implementing SAM Labs in Context”

How can all of my students thrive?


In addition to this menu, we also offer customized professional development services. This could take the form of virtual coaching, on-site co-teaching, conducting a needs assessment or a series of tailored PD sessions designed to meet your objectives. 

If you are interested in professional development, please write to support@samlabs.com to schedule a call and discuss how we can support your goals.