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How will I develop as an educator as a result of SAM Labs' professional development ?

The following are key ways in which educators’ knowledge and skills develop as a result of our professional development:

Confidence“Getting Started with SAM Labs”

Educators will gain the confidence to begin teaching coding and computational skills in the classroom. Coding and computational thinking has become increasingly emphasized in the educational and professional world. 

Conceptual knowledge“Purpose and Pedagogy”

Educators will learn the basics of applied computational thinking for STEAM or Coding instruction. A clear and practical understanding of computational thinking, for example, is the basis for the knowledge and skills in which student learning will take root. 

Practical knowledge “Hands on, Minds on Teaching with SAM Labs”

Educators will be explicitly taught to develop students as problem solvers.  Debugging and abstraction, for example, are fundamental skills that enable students’ broader computational thinking. 

Implementation – “Implementing SAM Labs in Context”

We develop practical plans to enable learning in your environment. Classroom management, culture and the range of learning needs we support must be considered to successfully teach any subject matter, especially one that utilizes technology. 


If you are interested in professional development, please write to support@samlabs.com to schedule a call and discuss how we can support your goals.