How does SAM Labs meet the needs of all learners?

SAM Labs is passionate about unlocking the potential for all learners. For many students, the non-traditional nature of STEAM and coding is a perfect entry point for success, creativity, and love of learning. SAM Labs supports underrepresented and underserved in the STEAM pathway through the following attributes: 

  • ELL Students

    • Every lesson has a Tier III vocabulary activity. This activity supports student language acquisition and allows them to further conceptualize the meaning of the vocabulary in their student handouts. 
    • Every lesson (within the Lesson Pack) includes a student step-by-step document. This document walks students through the coding portions of the lesson with visual snapshots of the program as it’s progressing. Students could use this document to build the program through visual pictures if they needed that support. 

  • Students of Low Socioeconomic status 

    • Starter lessons ensures students are prepared for success in STEAM no matter their background knowledge
    • Offers students flexibility, variety, and choice
    • Meeting students needs through allowing opportunities for creativity, expression, facilitating collaboration and communication with peers, helping develop perseverance 
    • Progressive lessons build on previous lessons while engaging in real-world scenarios

  • Special Education Students 

    • The student step-by-step can be used for students who require a visual resource directly next to them for attention or visual impairment needs. 
    • The student step-by-step can also be used to pre-teach or re-teach the code from the lesson and support the student's cognitive abilities and sequencing skills. 
    • The STEAM rubrics that cover soft skills such as Communication, Collaboration, and Character can be used by the teacher and student to monitor IEP or 504 goals with the SAM Labs lessons.  
    • The hands-on manner of the lessons allow for an engaging learning environment where students are learning through doing.

  • Girls in STEAM

    • Our Learn to Code course was designed specifically around the female character, Sam, who is a cyber warrior and is fighting off attacks in cyberspace.