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How do I sign up for SAM Studio as a Teacher?

Navigate to SAM Studio and click the “Create Account” button at the bottom of the log-in page.

You can use Google or Microsoft SSO for quick and easy access, or you can create an account with an email and password. If you choose the email/password method, you will need to click the verification link sent to your email before you continue. 

After you've created your account, the next step is to select your display name. This display name is visible to your students, so you may want to use your teacher title. You can always change this later in Settings if needed.

After you enter your display name, it will ask you to declare if you are a teacher or a student. 

The last step is to enter your subscription code. This is the code that is sent to you with your SAM Studio subscription purchase. When you enter this code it will send a request for your account to be added to the subscription. Once your account has been added you will be able to log-in and have access to all of the new features in SAM Studio! 

For more information about signing up and signing in as a Teacher, watch this video tutorial: