How do I set up my micro:bit?

To set up your micro:bit, watch the video below or follow these steps: 

  1. Log into SAM Studio and create a new SAM Blockly project
  2. Click ‘Devices’ and scroll down to the bottom to find micro:bit.
  3. In the micro:bit icon on the left, you will see a small gear in the top right corner. Click on the gear and select ‘Download Hex File’. This will download a file to your computer. Note: If you are using micro:bit v2, download the v2 Hex File. 
  4. Plug your micro:bit into the computer and the micro:bit will show up as a device, much like when you plug in a flash drive.
  5. Drag the Hex file that you downloaded onto the micro:bit just like you would drag a file onto a USB drive.
  6. Back in SAM Blockly, click ‘CONNECT’ on the micro:bit in the devices section.
  7. In the pop-up window, select ‘BBC micro:bit’ and click ‘Pair’. Note: if connected successfully, the micro:bit LED display will say "SAM LABS" .