What is the difference between a student and teacher token on SAM Studio?

When you receive your tokens, you will receive both student and teacher tokens. 

There is no difference in the appearance or layout of SAM Studio when you activate with a student or teacher token, and teacher tokens do not grant access to any features that a student token does not. The main reason it is important to have your students activate with the student token (NOT the teacher token) is to protect their privacy. 

All students can use the same token, as we are not collecting any personal information or data on the student tokens. The student tokens can be used unlimited times for as many devices as needed. However, tokens only need to be used once per device, and the device will be unlocked and ready to code! 

Teacher tokens will be collecting personal identification so that we can administer the proper subscription plan to your account. You only need to activate this token once per device. Each teacher should receive their own individual token to use. Please don't share your teacher tokens with others; we will be able to see how many times you have activated your tokens.

To register for tokens for SAM Studio, follow the instructions in this link:  

Register for SAM Studio


Note: If a student accidentally activates SAM Studio with a teacher token, you can clear the browser cookies and have them re-activate with the correct student token. 

For more information on data privacy, follow this link:

Data Privacy