What do tokens give me access to on SAM Studio?

In the future, tokens will give you access to different features on SAM Studio depending on what subscriptions you have.

Currently, all tokens provided will give you access to the following features:

  • Blocks and Behaviors within SAM Space and SAM Blockly
  • Ability to saving projects in Google Drive
  • Sharing Projects

To register for tokens, follow the instructions here: Register for Tokens

Existing customers will be given free access to our SAM Studio 'School Basic' plan, where they will have access to SAM Space and SAM Blockly. For additional 'pro' features, customers have the opportunity to upgrade to a Teacher Pro Plan plan or School Pro Plan

Interested users will be granted a temporary or trial membership but will ultimately need to purchase a subscription plan to have continual access to extended features and benefits. 

If you do not register for tokens, there will still be a free platform to explore called ‘SAM Studio Lite.’  This version has limited blocks and behaviors available within SAM Blockly. We will later extend this to include a 'Lite' version of SAM Space. 

The different plans and features are listed below: 

For more information on the different subscription plans, click on the following link:

SAM Studio Subscriptions

Note: We will have an app version of SAM Studio available for iOS users by the end of April.