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How do I access SAM Studio?

To access SAM Studio, first navigate to studio.samlabs.com

As of October 2021, SAM Studio supports Single Sign-on accounts. If you don’t have an account yet, you can sign up for one using your Google or Microsoft account, or with your email address. 

To gain full access to all of the features in SAM Studio your school or district will need to purchase a subscription plan

If you don't have a subscription plan, you can still try out SAM Studio Lite, a free limited version of our two coding platforms: SAM Space and SAM Blockly. 

Existing customers will still be able to access SAM Studio with your tokens as you have done in previous versions. To continue to SAM Studio with your token, click where it says “go back to the previous version” on the log-in screen.

Tokens will eventually be replaced by our new sign-on system, so we encourage you to create your SSO accounts and set up your classes as soon as you're able to. We will continue to support token access until beta testing is complete and all of our customers can comfortably switch to SSO access.