Do I still need my token to access SAM Studio?

If you are a Legacy Customer (bought SAM Labs prior to April 2021) then you only have access to the token version. If you are a paying customer you have access to the paid version of SAM Studio and do not need a token to access SAM Studio. This is because we’ve made the switch to Single Sign-On so you can quickly and easily access all of your projects and more with a simple log-in! 

When you purchase a subscription for SAM Studio, you will now receive a subscription code instead of tokens. When you sign up for a SAM Studio account, you can enter this code to be added to that subscription. 

We understand that switching from tokens to SSO is a time commitment for a lot of our users, so we will continue to support token access until all of our customers can comfortably make the switch. To access SAM Studio with your token, click where it says "go back to the previous version" on the log-in page.

By using tokens you will not have access to all of the new features in SAM Studio, but you will still be able to use SAM Space and SAM Blockly as usual. 

For more information about signing up for an account and signing in to SAM Studio with the new SSO system, check out this tutorial: