Do I need to purchase a subscription to use your products?

You do not necessarily need to purchase a subscription to use our products. SAM Labs offers "SAM Studio Lite" for users who don't have a subscription plan that is free to use. SAM Studio Lite includes access to limited behaviors and blocks within SAM Studio. Currently, SAM Studio Lite has limited blocks and behaviors available within SAM Blockly. We will later extend this to include a 'Lite' version of SAM Space.

Users of SAM Studio Lite will not be able to access or complete all of our lesson plans or have all of the features and capabilities within SAM Studio. However, we have developed special lessons that  only use the behaviors and blocks available in SAM Studio Lite. If you would like access to these sample lesson plans, please email  



If you are interested in trying out a subscription for SAM Studio or are an existing customer that needs access, you can register for SAM Studio tokens below:

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